Message from the Hacettepe University Rector Prof. Dr. A. Haluk Özen

Dear Young Friends,

I have no doubt that you will make the best decision regarding your education which will determine not only your future professions but also the course of your lives. As a proud member of Hacettepe University for 44 years, which I first attended at your age, I would like to express that your decision to continue your education with us would make me genuinely happy.

Our main purpose at Hacettepe University which has esteemed academic personnel conducting significant studies in various fields and pioneering education programs in our country is to offer our valuable young friends qualified education, training and research opportunities, and to support their participation in art, sports and culture activities. We would be pleased to help you become sophisticated individuals educated at Hacettepe University who question, make researches, and conduct significant studies for the good of the society.

We invite you to experience the proper pride of being ‘a member of the Hacettepe family’ with us.

Prof. Dr. A. Haluk Özen

Hacettepe University Communication Office